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AMR5 - AMD Ryzen 5 5600U

€499 €589.94

About this item

【Multi-Mode Mini PC】 
【RGB Lighting effect & High efficiency cooling system】

【Better, Faster, Stronger】

【Smooth connection, say goodbye to delays】

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    • Bhavani Bhaskar
      This PC is replacing a tiny Think Center PC. Even though, this is called a gaming PC, I connect this PC to a TV and I do mostly emails / Visio/ PowerPoints/ meetings on the PC. I was always an intel buyer skeptical about buying Ryzen. I am glad I purchased this. I bought this for the following reasons & these are my observations
      1. There was a promotion, and I got a great discount
      2. This is much smaller in size in comparison to ThinkCentre, Check the Pictures.
      3. RAM upgrade and SSD upgrade is very easy no more searching for screwdrivers to open the chassis to reach the RAM & SSD
      4. Cool design and lights – look fancy & cool. However, I could not find way to turn it off
      5. I have been using this on Auto Mode, even though you can do performance mode for gaming , I would still recommend to continue using auto mode as the software would automatically transition to performance mode on a need basis
      6. This neatly tucks in the cabinet and this barely noticeable
      7. I have upgraded to 32GB RAM & did not change the SSD
      8. I stay little away from the PC so I am not noticing any noise
      9. I tested this with a dual monitor setup and I did not test this with 3 monitor setup. I did not see any lag when playing 4k videos & Display ports ( one in each)
      10. When using dual monitor, watch out for the ports they do not have 2 HDMI, rather this has HDMI, USB-C
      I cannot comment on the support. However, the contact info for support is provided on the chassis. Hopefully, I don’t have to reach them for any issues.
      I will keep using this and I will Update my review if I come across any issue

      I am expecting the following improvemnts in the next version / update

      1. option to turn the light off , may be there is one that exists I have to contact support ( in the night this looks bright)

      2. Use USB-C charger of some oem port charger

      I knew what I was buying So nothing to complain

      As of now, completely satisfied with the purchase.

    • Oscar Gutierrez
      I had never seen a mini PC like this, but for the power it has, it is phenomenal. No issues opening various programs and it even comes with Windows PRO 11 installed, ADDED value there already
    • rolf keusen
      Computer arrived in three days as promised. It was well packed in protective foam rubber and a very nice cloth bag. Simple plug and play setup with no issues at all. So far it has exceeded all expiations. Graphics look great.
    • JMK
      I will not use it for gaming. I brought it for the small form factor. It has a lot of inputs, outputs, USB’s, display port. I was looking forward to what I expected to be a fast computer. It came in performance mode. I changed it to automatic, but changed it back to performance again, and I think I will just leave it there. It works well enough for me. Not the fastest computer I own, but it does everything I need it to do. The lights are entertaining. A lot of effort went into that.
      The only negative I found with this was that the hdmi cable that came with the computer failed within a couple of days. Fortunately I had a extra one of my own. At first I thought that there was something wrong with the computer. Glad it was not.
      01/19/23, I like it so much, I decided to buy a second one.
    • FrancescoTOP
      Ormai la miniaturizzazione ha raggiunto livelli incredibili, mai e poi mai quando comprai il primo desktop potevo immaginare che un giorno in un coso minuscolo così ci sarebbe potuto essere centinaia di volte di + come tutto, potenza e qualità in primis.

      Il pc è troppo carino esteticamente, e va alla grande, ha una grande memoria, e tantissima velocità.

      Sarebbe stato preferibile se fosse stato fanless, ma purtroppo non si può avere tutto dalla vita.

      Tutte le stelle però sono strameritatissime, e il prezzo è oggettivamente giusto per il prodotto.
    • HJR
      Der PC ist sehr leise, sehr schnell hochgefahren und äußerst sparsam mit dem Stromverbrauch. Im Durchschnitt läuft er mit 25 Watt. Aber die erste Konfiguration war etwas problematisch. Hätten hier nicht einige Leute einen guten Tipp gepostet, hätte ich das Ding wieder zurück geschickt. Bei der Grundkonfiguration bleibt man irgendwann hängen, wenn man LAN und W-Lan nicht vorher trennt. Der Aufkleber mit Hinweis in englisch und für einen Laien unverständlich. Auch ein zurück oder Neustart bringt nix. Man muss wohl ein paar Tricks anwenden um hier weiter zu kommen. Hier hat wohl der Entwickler/ Programmierer einen Buck eingebaut. Es war für mich sehr ärgerlich, weil hier viel Zeit verloren ging. Ich war darüber anfangs sehr frustriert, habe aber dann doch 5 Sterne gegeben, weil die Gesamtleistung stimmt.
    • Skip Lange
      Perfect for what I needed. Everything described works like it should. Using a video port to HDMI converter to run a second screen. Both are running 60hz. Everything loads quickly.
    • NeilY
      When considering this mini PC, you might ask "what can I expect from this PC?" and "why this over a laptop?" for example. If you're looking for a compact and highly performant platform and portability isn't your main buying criteria, then this could be for you. If added to that you want to choose what monitor to use and be able to easily expand the memory and SSD, then this PC gives you added bonuses.

      It rocks benchmark testing, except in an area that is unsurprising and the seller doesn't hide it: graphic performance. In the description it states "small desktop computers for Office/Video Editing." Spot on! This is not a gaming PC because the Iris video is not a good 3D modeling graphics engine. It works for at least basic 3D CAD and slicing for 3D printing. Autodesk Fusion 360 works well enough (although the app does warn you that performance might be limited by the graphics drivers), and the PC gets the job done on slicing apps in being able to render in reasonable time. Other than for 3D modeling, the graphics engine is more than adequate and is 4K resolution capable. I tested it at 3840x2160 and it was superb for Office, photo, and video apps. I was pleasantly surprised at the on-board speaker: the quality wasn't terrible as is the case with a lot of speakers built into monitors.

      Apps such as Office365, Snagit, WinZip, Adobe Reader, etc., installed and worked just fine. Well, the WinZip install is touchy if you pick the wrong version. I tried to install version 2.4 and it simply wouldn't work on this PC. The 2019 version worked as did the latest version downloaded from the WinZip site. I'd say that's minor, but it's something of which to be aware and is probably Win11 and not PC related. It comes with adequate memory and SSD capacity, but it's easily expanded if you eventually run up against any limitations. It runs quiet. It does have a fan, but it is virtually silent. The case and power brick are cool to the touch. It has plenty of ports like a docking station would give you added to a laptop. This mini would be great to host music or videos. It does not have SD card slots, so you might have to keep a flash drive plugged into its many USB ports if you want to keep a lot of music or video files on a local drive. It really is a capable little machine and would work well for most people.

      Although I have much more performant (and much physically bigger) PCs, I am using it in place of a laptop on my main workspace. I like the fact that the included VESA bracket allows me to mount the PC to the back of my monitor, and I'd say that this has actually saved space compared to using a laptop, and the screen is WAY bigger and much higher resolution to boot. Since I'm using a wireless keyboard and mouse there are only two cables: HDMI and power, making it almost as convenient as a laptop to move around when necessary.

      The PC is equipped with Windows 11 Pro. The setup was a breeze and the manual was compact, concise, and clearly written. I liked that the manufacturer put an offline Windows install image on this PC. Most Windows installations require you to add online account information to complete, but this install doesn't. You can tie your PC to an online account whenever and if ever you decide to do so and not have it arbitrarily enforced. The built-in fingerprint scanner is recognized during the install and you're given the opportunity to learn your fingerprint as well as choose a PIN for purposes of logging onto the PC. The fingerprint scanner works better than the one on my "mainstream" laptop.

      I have a couple of very minor quibbles and those have to do with esthetics: the PC is black or very close to it. In low light it's hard to see it and its various ports/connections. It would be nice if the ports were backlit or the side panels were a translucent smoke color and backlit. Also, the power brick is rather large for a modern design PC. It's not unusually large, it's just that there are way more compact bricks out there.

      I've included screencaps of the system info, the benchmarking test results, Fusion360, WiiBuilder, and properties of the C: drive after Office365 suite and the other apps were installed. Plenty of drive capacity remains.

      I really liked the fact that the manufacturer/seller is not trying to pull a fast one on the potential buyer. It's truthfully advertised and doesn't over promise. Overall, my expectations were exceeded and I would recommend it to friends and family.

      Dopo pochi giorni di utilizzo ho avuto la necessità di dover reinstallare il s.o., purtroppo a seguito della reinstallazione la copia di W11 non risultava attivata. Ho contattato il venditore che prontamente mi ha risposto, verificato il problema mi ha fornito la chiave di attivazione. Con l'inserimento del product key la copia di W11 risulta regolarmente attivata. Ancora grazie all'assistenza.
    • The Dude
      does not take up a lot of space and kids are able to play
      games pretty well speed is an 9 out of ten graphics are
      8 out of ten All in all pretty good

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